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Foreign Finleys


These cards of Steve Finley with other teams were also sent to me by Marcus. He also sent along a handful of cards of Finley with the Padres; I’m about to post them over at Friars on Cardboard


Crime Dog


Here’s a trio of McGriffs from Marcus. I remember having that first one when I was younger but the other two are completely new to me.



The first two came in a recent package from Marcus of all the way to the backstop…, along with a ton of great Padres cards and some other one-time Padres pictured with other teams. The third I found a day earlier at the local card store; I found it amidst a bunch of other Gold Rush cards in an out-of-the way box. I picked it up because I’m a big fan of that throwback uniform and those striped stirrups.

New Buhner

I got this Jay Buhner card off of Listia a few weeks ago. I became a fan of Buhner back in the mid-90’s when the Mariners became a secondary team of sorts to me when Joey Cora was playing there…

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