Couple o’ Kruks

Snapshot_20121217I picked each of these up individually from Listia about a month or so ago. I’m working on building my Krukollection back up; I had over a hundred John Kruk cards when I was a kid but they got lost in the shuffle- you know, the whole mother getting rid of them thing. I’m back up to about twenty or so; I’ve got quite a way to go but it’s kind of cool reacquiring them and reliving the whole experience.

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Swimming Upstream I Maintain Against The Grain

Snapshot_20130121_7Here’s another Kingfish card I picked up recently. It’s kinda “out there” but probably the most restrained of the all the Pro-Visions cards I’ve seen. Jon Bois did a fun rundown on some of them a few months back.

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Tim Salmon: Gwynner

Snapshot_20130121_8Tim Salmon is one of those guys who I wasn’t really a big fan of while he was playing but I came to appreciate after he left the game. I don’t mean “I wasn’t really a big fan of” in the sense that I disliked him; I just didn’t have much of an opinion on him either way. Now though, I can like that he spent his entire career with one team (albeit one team that went through 3 location names in his time there), an honorable practice I like to call “Gwynning”. Chipper Jones was the latest to pull it off and I suppose I’ll have to begrudgingly respect Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera for it before too long. I don’t see myself starting to collect them once they retire like I did Salmon, though. After all, I don’t have any Bernie Williams cards and he was noble in that regard.

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Snapshot_20130121_2It’s about as worthless as a baseball card can be but I’m glad to have it. I started collecting Tom Henke cards last summer when I discovered he made his Major League debut the day I was born. I only have nine right now but, hey, that’s not a bad start. This is my most recent Henke acquisition; I got it along with four other already-forgotten cards for 100 Listia credits (33 cents).

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’93 UD #554: Jim Abbott

Snapshot_20130121_3It’s hard enough for a pitcher to hit. Harder still for an AL pitcher, especially one before interleague play. But an American League pitcher with one hand? Well, that’s an all new degree of difficulty.

After nine years in the AL, Abbott went to the Brewers in ’99 for his swan song season. He got his first regular season plate appearances- 24 to be exact. He got 2 hits and 3 RBI; it might not look that good on paper but I think it’s pretty damn impressive.

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The First Vernon Wells

Snapshot_20121209_3I still think it’s really cool that the son of the guy who did all the paintings on all these old Upper Deck checklists made it to the big leagues himself.

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Joey Cora ’98 Score Artist Proofs

Snapshot_20121031_1I got this a few months ago. I thought I posted it here because I was pretty excited about getting it but apparently I didn’t. It’s probably my favorite Joey card but that’s hard to say… definitely top five.

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A Biggio Non-Rant

Snapshot_20121223_6I’m not going to get into a big thing about what I think about Craig Biggio having to wait to get into the Hall because you already know what I think about that. I will say that for the time being, the one bright spot of this travesty is that I can still add to my Biggio collection on the cheap. I recently got these four off of Listia for next to nothing.

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Bo knows.


Bo nose.

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