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Jim Edmonds & The Month Of Suck

I always liked Jim Edmonds and was pretty excited when he became a Padre. As I’m sure you know, that didn’t last very long. It wasn’t just that he sucked, but it looked like he was putting forth no effort whatsoever not to suck. Man, it was ugly. He was a shell of his former self, appearing confused and overwhelmed. Teammate and noted lumbering bag of donuts Paul McAnulty looked like a young Edmonds in comparison. What made it all the more infuriating was that he immediately turned it back around upon signing with the Cubs after costing the Friars seven million dollars and David Freese in exchange for one month of suck.

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Unemployed no more
Chris Young got signed yesterday
He’s back with the Mets

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Wake & ‘Tek

For fifteen long years

Red Sox fans could count on them

Well, not anymore

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I always liked Jay Buhner. I followed the mid-90s Mariners to a certain degree since that’s where Joey Cora was so I came to appreciate a few of their players. Randy Johnson and I share a birthday (along with Roger Maris and Arnold Palmer), Edgar Martinez was basically their Tony Gwynn and I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of anyone disliking Junior.

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I’ve been a Jim Thome fan since he was a rookie. As a Kid, I appreciated that he was one of only two or three guys who wore their socks the right way. Delino DeSheilds was another.

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Paul Fletcher Auto

One of two players from my hometown to make the majors. He had a couple cups of coffee with Philadelphia and Oakland in the mid-’90s. I also got this card signed in person.

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