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Bo knows.


Bo nose.

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Max Venable


Hey, it’s Will’s dad! This is the only Giants card I have in my personal collection, just because of who it is. I have some other Giants cards by no choice of my own; they’re in a box with other garbage cards I have yet to find someone to take off my hands. Speaking of garbage, I have a bunch of Adrian Gonzalez cards I should send to Spiegel or somebody. I have a few Grienkes that need to go, too…

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Another Buhner


The only reason I got that Karros card was because it was part of a lot on Listia that included this one. I do quite a bit of that- bidding on a bunch because I want just one of the cards- and it results in a lot of unwanted cards. I usually just rebundle them and repost them on Listia, from whence they came.

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’94 Sportflics 2000- Eric Karros


Sportflics cards are generally pretty cool but you know what never are? Dodgers.

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RIP 57



Darryl Kile would have turned 44 today.

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