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Swimming Upstream I Maintain Against The Grain

Snapshot_20130121_7Here’s another Kingfish card I picked up recently. It’s kinda “out there” but probably the most restrained of the all the Pro-Visions cards I’ve seen. Jon Bois did a fun rundown on some of them a few months back.

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Tim Salmon: Gwynner

Snapshot_20130121_8Tim Salmon is one of those guys who I wasn’t really a big fan of while he was playing but I came to appreciate after he left the game. I don’t mean “I wasn’t really a big fan of” in the sense that I disliked him; I just didn’t have much of an opinion on him either way. Now though, I can like that he spent his entire career with one team (albeit one team that went through 3 location names in his time there), an honorable practice I like to call “Gwynning”. Chipper Jones was the latest to pull it off and I suppose I’ll have to begrudgingly respect Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera for it before too long. I don’t see myself starting to collect them once they retire like I did Salmon, though. After all, I don’t have any Bernie Williams cards and he was noble in that regard.

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