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Joey Cora ’98 Score Artist Proofs

Snapshot_20121031_1I got this a few months ago. I thought I posted it here because I was pretty excited about getting it but apparently I didn’t. It’s probably my favorite Joey card but that’s hard to say… definitely top five.

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Another Joey


I’m bummed Bud Black got his contract extended because that just means two more years that Joey won’t be the Padres’ manager. Seriously, I don’t know why the ‘Jays haven’t snagged him up.

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New Coras

I just got these off of Listia a few days ago and they arrived yesterday. I used to have the Pinnacle but the Pacific was brand new to me. An interesting thing about those ’97 Pinnacles is the small, embossed print in the foil at the bottom. They include a bunch of words about the city that player’s team is based in so this one has stuff like “Space Needle”, “Junior”, “Sleepless…” and “Starbucks”.

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Cora Cameo

I set this card aside as soon as I pulled it 17 or so years ago. I couldn’t care less about Dean Palmer.