Max Venable


Hey, it’s Will’s dad! This is the only Giants card I have in my personal collection, just because of who it is. I have some other Giants cards by no choice of my own; they’re in a box with other garbage cards I have yet to find someone to take off my hands. Speaking of garbage, I have a bunch of Adrian Gonzalez cards I should send to Spiegel or somebody. I have a few Grienkes that need to go, too…

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Another Buhner


The only reason I got that Karros card was because it was part of a lot on Listia that included this one. I do quite a bit of that- bidding on a bunch because I want just one of the cards- and it results in a lot of unwanted cards. I usually just rebundle them and repost them on Listia, from whence they came.

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’94 Sportflics 2000- Eric Karros


Sportflics cards are generally pretty cool but you know what never are? Dodgers.

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RIP 57



Darryl Kile would have turned 44 today.

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Good Job, Homie!

— Yonder Alonso (@YonderalonsoU) November 21, 2012

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1957 Topps Stan Lopata

I got this card, among others, on my 12th birthday. I remember unwrapping my presents and one was the word game Boggle but the box was really aged. “Great,” I thought, “friggin’ used Boggle. Real cool.” but smiled and pretended like I liked it. I set it aside and moved on to the next. Hours later I asked, “So, does anyone want to play some Boggle?” and when I opened the box I was greeted by a slew of awesome baseball cards, including this one.


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Another Joey


I’m bummed Bud Black got his contract extended because that just means two more years that Joey won’t be the Padres’ manager. Seriously, I don’t know why the ‘Jays haven’t snagged him up.

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’73 Topps Al Kaline


I need two more cards of him. Just so I can have an Al Kaline Trio.

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1970 Topps Hoyt Wilhelm

I got this a few weeks ago as part of a batch of vintage cards I bid on just so I could have the ’57 Jerry Coleman which was included. It’s in amazing condition; it looks like it was pulled from a pack yesterday. Since it was Hoyt Wilhelm, the first thing I did was make sure Nick from Dime Boxes already had it and, sure enough, he does. Hmmm, maybe he’ll want the ’73 Topps Al Kaline “Into The Sunset” card that was part of the lot.

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